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Are you looking for a backpack with a cool design and lots of storage space? Then our Helsinki Oyster is the perfect model for you, because whether for everyday or for travel - this backpack is an absolute space wonder and also impresses with its stylish clean design! With a capacity of 26 liters, a total of four interior and exterior compartments each, as well as an extra padded 19 inch laptop compartment, the Helsinki offers enough space to store all the everyday necessities perfectly. Even your ring binder finds a place. The back part and also the carrying straps of the backpack are specially padded and thus offer sufficient carrying comfort even if you completely exhaust its storage capacities. Thanks to the water-repellent, robust material mix of vegan tech material and recycled PET, small traces of everyday use can be removed effortlessly, so that the special look of the Helsinki can be maintained for a long time. Looking for a backpack with a difference? Then our Helsinki Oyster is an absolute must-have for you and an accessory you won't want to do without!
SKU: 4251145208639


Vegan Tech Material
Color Inside
Color Outside
Material Inside
Recycled PET
Material Straps
Polyester, Vegan tech material
Material Outside
Vegan tech material
Closing Mechanism
26 liters
Computer Pocket
19 inch (43cm x 28cm x 3cm)
e.g. 16 inch MacBook Pro
e.g. 15 inch Surface Laptop 3
Additional Pockets
Four interior compartments, two of them close with a zipper. Two external compartments at the front with water-repellent zipper, one external compartment at the back and additional reinforced bottom compartment


Helsinki Oyster Helsinki Oyster
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