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Vision Statement

Kapten & Son is a premier global lifestyle accessory brand.

Our thoughtfully designed, stylish and reliable products are not mere objects – they are a companion for all your journeys. Made for the global citizen, Kapten & Son strives to inspire passion for adventure – whether it’s navigating the daily urban jungle or exploring far-away places.

Mission Statement

At Kapten & Son, we design stylish accessories for the global citizen. Our customers - our Kaptens - are independent, adventurous and light - hearted.

We support their lifestyles with cutting-edge fashion products, authentic story-telling and our passionate team. Our products are an unmatched combination of quality, timeless German design and the promise to be a stylish companion for every journey a Kapten can undertake – whether it’s navigating the daily urban jungle or exploring far-away places. Our storytelling aims to set industry benchmarks by authentically capturing inspiring experiences around the globe. Our passionate, cosmopolitan and capable team is globally represented and driven to support our Kaptens’ journeys on an ongoing basis, striving for excellence in every aspect of our work. Kapten & Son’s ultimate goal is to let our customers be a Kapten at the helm of their own lives – supporting their journeys and adventures around the world with our thoughtfully designed, stylish and reliable products.

Be Kapten

Kapten & Son’s mission is to support our customers – our Kaptens – in all of their journeys and adventures with our well-designed, stylish and reliable products. We encourage people to be independent, adventurous and light-hearted –the key traits of every Kapten.

Kapten Worldwide


Are independent, adventurous and light-hearted

traits we try to display in every life situation

Are fashionable and conscious of their style

we enjoy classy looks but are unwilling to sacrifice on quality

Are always positive and optimistic

even if we are faced with extreme uncertainty

Are not afraid to embark on adventures

even if they seem daunting to us at first

Are an example to others

we seek to inspire and encourage other people in our lives to live the Kapten life

Are not afraid to take the road less traveled

we are always excited to learn about new places, cultures and lifestyles

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