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Classic backpack design reinterpreted – our Aalborg All Black is the perfect companion for your everyday life! This model impresses with its clean look and practical handling. The round body of the Aalborg is made of robust, water-repellent recycled PET and vegan tech material and can be closed with a water-repellent zipper. Special here is the large opening option, so that the back of the backpack is completely hinged and you get a perfect view of the inside. So annoying searching and rummaging can be avoided from now on. The padded laptop compartment offers a safe place for your 14 inch notebook and another zipper secured inner compartment also allows you to store smaller essentials, such as a notebook or pens, separately and thus keep order. The practical front pocket can also be opened completely and is hinged – as the zipper also covers a large radius. Inside the front pocket are two more small interior pockets, one of them with zipper fastener. For carrying drinking bottles, small umbrella, etc., the two laterally attached outer pockets of this backpack are ideal, so that you are perfectly equipped for any situation. In addition, even a ring binder finds its place in the main compartment of the backpack. Thanks to the padded straps and back, the backpack is comfortable to wear even when fully packed. Also on the back you will find a convenient suitcase attachment, with which you can easily attach your backpack to your suitcase when traveling. Whether for school, university or a trip with friends – with the Aalborg All Black belongs to you a backpack model of the extra class, which is guaranteed to accompany you faithfully for a long time!
SKU: 4251145208462


Recycled PET
Color Inside
Color Outside
Beige, Black
Material Inside
Recycled PET
Material Straps
Material Outside
Recycled PET, Vegan tech material
Closing Mechanism
12 liters
Computer Pocket
14 inch (34cm x 25.5cm x 3cm)
e.g. 13.3 inch MacBook Air
e.g. 13.5 inch Surface Laptop 3
Additional Pockets
One front pocket with water-resistant zipper, two side exterior pockets, three interior compartments


Aalborg All Black Aalborg All Black
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